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EFTs effectiveness for improving sports performance has been described by many athletes. From professional golfers to amateur tennis players, they've found that there's a layer of anxiety that holds them back from doing their best. EFT can quickly remove that anxiety, allowing all your ability to shine through. I've also conducted or advised on several scientific studies of EFT for sports performance. In one study I conducted at Oregon State University, we found a 38% difference between the free throw performance of a group who received EFT, and a placebo group. In a soccer study conducted by EFT Master Tam Llewellyn, soccer players who learned EFT performed much better than a control group. You'll find great advice in the EFT for Sports Performance paperback available from our bookstore. You can get started for free with the EFT Mini-Manual. To go further on your EFT journey, take an EFT workshop, or book a session with one of our certified practitioners.

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Dawson Church, PhD
Best-selling Author of the Award-Winning Book The Genie in Your Genes.

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