"With another hour of focused tapping at home that evening, I experienced clear breathing without my inhaler and the first really good night's sleep in a long time." Sondra Rose

There are two ways to use EFT for asthma. One is to tap for the symptoms themselves. As you'll see from the case histories on the EFT Universe site, getting extremely specific about symptoms while tapping can often result in them diminishing. The second way is to look below the symptoms, to old emotional experiences that might be causing ongoing stress in your life. EFT is very effective for diminishing the emotional intensity of these early memories, and many asthma sufferers have found relief by working on the emotional aspects of their condition. Check out our series of tutorials on healing the emotional roots of physical problems. Take one of our EFT workshops, and engage the services of one of our certified practitioners.

Our handy EFT for First Aid guide also offers quick relief from unforeseen emergencies such as allergies, cuts, bruises, stings, and other common problems. You can review it here.

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Asthma Case Histories