You Don’t Have to Be Depressed! Science Shows EFT Tapping Successfully Treats Depression

By Dawson Church, PhD, author of Genie in Your GenesDepressed woman in woods

“Tapping is the stupidest thing you’ll ever do” are the first words of Kari Reed’s story. She tells how she battled depression for many years:

“You see, depression isn’t something that happens overnight--and I speak from experience. Depression is something that creeps in slowly, almost elusively, like putting ink in a jar of water. It creeps. It blurs reality. It affects everything.

“And when it finally settles, everything seems a little darker--actually, it all seems a lot darker. And you find yourself looking around at all the inky, cloudy water--complete with black ink-sludge on the bottom-- and you think “Holy !!##&*@. There’s no way I can clean this up. I don’t even have the energy to think about where to begin, I think I’ll just sleep instead. This is utterly and terribly hopeless.  

“So you sit inside of your little inky jar, feeling depressed, and sad, and hopeless, and unmotivated, and wishing things weren’t like this and having no idea if you’ll have to live like this forever. Meds might help. Talking to someone might help. Seeing a therapist might help. All of these things help you cope with and rationalize the situation, but none of them makes the darkness--the depression--go away.”

Here is a video of me talking about how EFT can help you with depression. 

Kari’s story, told in The EFT Manual  (3rd edition), is called "Battling a Giant with Really Small, Surprisingly Effective Rocks." She compares tapping to throwing tiny rocks at this giant of depression that seems unbeatable. As she tapped, the giant disintegrated.

borderline depression psycholgie personalitiesKari concludes: “Depression can be defeated. It takes time. And you’ll feel stupid. And it’ll feel so long and ridiculous and impossible. But when the giant’s gone, all the stupid rock throwing will have been totally worth it.”

There are thousands of people who, like Kari, have battled the giant and won. Scientific research bears them out. In a meta-analysis of 20 studies of EFT for depression, EFT was shown to have a large treatment effect (Nelms & Castel, 2016). The researchers concluded: “The results show that Clinical EFT is highly effective in reducing depressive symptoms in a variety of populations and settings.”

On the scale scientists use to measure just how effective a treatment is, 0.2 indicates that it’s somewhat effective, 0.5 means it’s moderately effective, and 0.8 means it’s highly effective. The number for EFT was 1.31. The researchers note that this is “larger than that measured in meta-analyses of antidepressant drug trials and psychotherapy studies.”

The bottom line is that you don’t have to live with depression. Please use the resources on this site to throw rocks at your own giant, and claim a rich and full life outside of that “inky jar.”

EFT Tapping for Depression Stories

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Scientific studies on EFT tapping for depression

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