Newbie Achieves a "5-Minute Wonder" for a Migraine

Dear EFT Community,

Here's another reminder that you don't have to be an expert to get great results with EFT.

-Stephanie M

By Frauke Schindel

I found your site about half a year ago and have been fascinated by EFT ever since. I've been using it on myself, but success has been slow in coming. That changed when I had my first five-minute wonder today.

A friend (name withheld on request) came over for the evening. While we were preparing dinner, he rubbed his head and admitted that he had a migraine coming. He wasn't in real pain just yet (which meant I couldn't put it on a 0-10 scale) but knew the symptoms and was afraid that it was going to be a full-blown one.

I told him I knew something that could nip it in the bud, and when he agreed to try it, I settled him in a comfortable armchair. Then I simply asked him to do and say what I did and said. My friend smiled and nodded agreement.

I started out on the first shortcut round with a general statement, easing him in by tapping for the Setup phrases on the Karate Chop point, and only rubbing the eye points in this round while tapping the others (phrases translated from German):

Even though I'm getting a migraine...

He said it wasn't as bad as before, but still there. I gave him some water to drink (he said he was thirsty) and moved on to the next round, this time still using the shortcut but with full tapping:

Even though there is still a migraine moving in...

That still didn't quite catch it, so I tried getting more specific. I asked him for detailed descriptions of where he could sense the migraine and what it felt like. He said that he could feel the migraine rising from his stomach to the head, shrouding it in fog. So the third round was on:

Even though a migraine is rising from my stomach...

After that round, he felt around for his migraine but couldn't locate it anymore. He wanted to know how EFT works, and I explained a bit of the background. Then I asked him to see if there was any migraine left. He wasn't sure, so I offered yet another round, planning to tap on the fog he had mentioned, but he said he was okay. Later on, during dinner, my friend claimed that the migraine threat was completely gone.

When I asked again three hours later, he still was fine. He mentioned that under usual circumstances he would have been forced to take a painkiller by that time.


0 #1 Frauke Moebius 2013-06-06 11:08
Hi, I'm the author of this article and just wanted you to know that my last name changed in the years after submitting this article. So, if you want to contact me, search for "Frauke Moebius".
Thank you!
- Frauke

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