Welcome to the Creating Healing Relationships Quiz!

For this book, you have an opportunity to take this knowledge quiz to test your knowledge of the content of this book. It contains 10 questions randomly rotating through a large bank of questions.

If you're doing the Ethics Course for certification, at the end of the course you'll take a full exam that includes 40 questions drawn from all the chapters in the required reading. These mini-quizzes prepare you for that exam.

This is an open book quiz. You are welcome to refer to the chapter in the book to find the answers. The purpose of this quiz is to remind you of what you learned.

Don't rush; you have 30 minutes to complete the test and experience shows that students who are well-prepared require much less time than that. You can take the quiz up to 10 times.

Total: 10 questions.

To pass: 75% or higher.

Time provided: 30 minutes.

Best of luck!

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