When EFT Tapping on a Dream Heals Negative Life Patterns

Dream To Freedom: A Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy Psychology

By Glenda Payne

I had a dream in which a group of people were taking turns being king or queen for the day. They would be provided with a banquet, get to sit on the throne of honor and generally be royally treated for the whole day. When it came my turn, everybody just ignored me. I was so upset I yelled vehemently at them and then stomped outside in a huff.

When I turned around after walking out the front door and down the entrance steps, they were all lined up, waiting for me with the full red carpet treatment.

By then, the joy was taken out of the situation when I felt I had to have a tantrum in order for them to see how upset I was that it was my turn and I didn’t get the acknowledgment that was due me without having to ask for it. I awoke from this dream thinking, “Wow, that was weird!”

I attended a Borrowing Benefits group that same morning and laughingly told them about the dream.

I really didn’t realize how much emotional impact the dream had on me until I tapped on it with the certified EFT practitioner who hosts the group. She had me tap on the dream using the Movie Technique. I put myself back in the dream and pushed “play” to watch it unfold.

Each time I hit an emotional spike with a significantly high SUD score, we stopped and tapped just on that particular scene until the SUD level went down to 0.

I was amazed at how much a little 5-minute dream vignette could reveal about my emotional state. At the time of this dream, I was definitely feeling like the only way I could get what I felt I deserved from my husband was to “tantrum” to get his attention.

Later, it was revealed that my husband was deep in the throes of his PTSD symptoms from his Vietnam War days.

He was keeping all of that locked inside. The only face he could show me was one revealing nothing but blank numbness. At the time, it felt like things were falling apart in our lives due to his inability to handle the most basic of life responsibilities. I didn’t know what state he was in because he kept it so well hidden. I felt I had to scream and tantrum just to get his attention, which of course did nothing but increase his distress. Not exactly a mature response on my part.

Tapping with this dream ultimately led to the childhood event when I first felt I had to “tantrum” in order to be heard.

I continued tapping on the whole tantrum dynamic this dream had uncovered. I am happy to say my need to tantrum has totally resolved itself. I am also happy to report that my husband has since used tapping to reduce his PTSD symptoms. We are now attending the Borrowing Benefits group together and presenting tapping as an option for other veterans dealing with PTSD symptoms.

It’s amazing how much positive change can come from just tapping on what seems a silly dream. Saying that I’m grateful for all that tapping has done for my family seems inadequate to express how deeply I really feel.

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