Mentally Chasing Migraine Pain with EFTEFT for Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

By Detlev Tesch

One day I woke up with a neck pain and a headache on the left side of my head. I have had such neck pains come up occasionally for probably more than 20 years. They are presumably caused by a vertebra (or more than one) moving out of position.

Quite often this leads to a headache which can sometimes grow into a severe, migraine-like pain. After years of taking a lot of painkillers I now tend to avoid pills and chemicals and so I have often just put up with the pain.

I had already had some pain for two days. While I had done a bit of tapping on the first day when it was quite bad, I didn't get very far with it.  I tend to get somewhat depressed with these severe pains and thus I hadn't been very enthusiastic about the tapping (no big surprise that I didn't get far).

Yet that day, waking up with the pain again, I didn't want to go through another day of aching. But, being tired from not having slept well AND unenthusiastic from feeling a bit depressed, I really didn't even feel like tapping. Plus tapping on my aching head did not feel good at all and even moving my arm for tapping was a nuisance. Then I remembered "Chasing the Pain" from learning EFT and so I tried that.

I started with the Setup at the side of the hand point and then the short rounds, all in my imagination, feeling it vividly—tapping for the pain in the neck, for my spine, for the feeling of tension in my neck, then for the pain in my head. When, on the 0-to-10 SUD scale, the pain dropped considerably, from 9 or 10 to 6 or less, it began to move.

Starting with almost the entire left side of my head hurting it then was concentrated in the upper back part. I mentally tapped for that. The pain moved to a place in my forehead, then to a spot in my left cheek, to my teeth in the upper jaw, to a point on the back of my head, and so on. While I chased the pain with mental tapping, it changed intensity, irregularly growing weaker or stronger.

It took me quite a while to reduce the pain to almost 0 (talk about persistence) and by then my neck felt almost free of tension. I didn't seem able to make the tension subside completely. Also there were occasional short stabs of a fairly sharp pain that was locally very restricted, yet in different places. Overall, that was MUCH more bearable than the condition that I had experienced some 30 or maybe 50 minutes earlier. So I started my day and the things I wanted to do.

After about three hours, I noticed that I was completely free of pain and my neck felt quite comfortable. What a joy! Since then, there have been a few occasions when I tapped physically for a neck pain, reducing it from 8 out of 10 to 2. As it didn't budge any further, I stopped tapping, and an hour or two later noticed that it was all gone.

So even if it isn't always a complete relief at the time of tapping, it is sure worth doing it. There is still a good chance it will get better after a while.

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