Pain Management

Title Author Hits
EFT to Clear the Emotions That Make Physical Pain Worse Written by Jennifer Jackson Hits: 257
EFT for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1185
EFT with Intuition and Muscle Testing Restores Hip Mobility Written by Steven Gottlieb Hits: 1638
How EFT Resolved Foot Pain by Clearing Emotional Cause Written by Sherry Banaka Hits: 941
Advice To Those with Neck Pain: Try EFT Tapping Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1144
EFT Releases Dysfunctional Pattern and Fibromyalgia Pain Written by Glenda Payne Hits: 740
How EFT Tapping Healed Mystery Pain Written by Nancy Davis Hits: 1458
Chronic Back Pain Almost Gone in EFT Workshop Demo Hits: 1729
How EFT Resolved Back Pain from a Tennis Injury Written by Charles Crenshaw Hits: 1725
EFT Clears Stuffed Foot Pain Written by Sherrie Rice Smith Hits: 3753
EFT for Back Pain: Pain and Emotions Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2220
Teaching EFT to Reduce Pain Written by Barbara June Appelgren Hits: 1812
Using EFT to Relieve Joint Pain Written by Robin Friedman Hits: 2803
EFT Resolves Chronic Postsurgery Neck Pain Written by Robin Friedman Hits: 1966
EFT for the Emotional Components of Back Pain Written by Craig Weiner Hits: 7153
EFT Tapping Persistence and 9 Gamut for Pain Hits: 2684
EFT Helps Patient with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome CRPS Hits: 4122
EFT for Pain and Self-Criticism after a Fall Written by Dawson Church Hits: 2333
EFT Resolves Plantar Fasciitis Hits: 4794
Using EFT to Find The Roots of Fibromyalgia Written by Dawson Church Hits: 4656
Thanks to EFT No Orthotics Needed Written by Dawson Church Hits: 1263
Cogitive Shifts in a Dental Procedure Hits: 1719
Using EFT for Stress and Fibromyalgia Hits: 1465
EFT for Post-op Pain Management and Recovery Hits: 2145
A Case of Using EFT Instead of Prescription Pain Medication Written by Dawson Church Hits: 4314


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