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Sejual Shah writes about a technique she calls the Anatomy Book Technique. She encourages use of her EFT tapping approach where an individual has tapped on all the relevant emotional issues to their problems when physical pain hasn’t improved.

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By Sejual Shah

When I was 4-years-old I had major surgery carried out on both my legs. I had been born with rickets which is a childhood condition caused by serious vitamin D deficiency.

As a result of poor levels of vitamin D the bones in my legs were bent and I looked bow-legged.

The surgery was intended to improve the problem so that I wouldn’t suffer problems with walking. So innovative was the surgery that I even got my 15 minutes of fame on a well-known TV science program of the era called World in Action. This was a time when we only had a maximum of 3 channels available in the UK.

As a result of the surgery my legs straightened out. However, it was very invasive as it involved manipulating tissue so that the surgeons could permanently rotate each lower leg bone 180 °.

The surgery left me with constant leg pains that varied from a 4 to a 6 on the 10 point intensity scale. The pain became a normal part of life. I didn’t expect anything much to improve. When I discovered EFT I was hopeful that maybe I could permanently release the pain.

First, I tapped on all the memories I had of being in hospital. As a small child of 4 I missed my mum who was only allowed limited visiting hours and had to leave me every night.

I tapped on being wheeled into the operating theatre and wailing with distress as I reached out to my much older sister - in that moment I realised with terror that she wasn’t coming with me.

I tapped on the anger and resentment I felt at surgeons that had “butchered” me with their experimental surgery.

Then I worked on the deep scars that ran the length of my shins and had left me feeling embarrassed about the way they looked. I tapped on feeling shy and lonely in a ward of strange children who didn’t speak my mother tongue, as we did at home, and how I had to speak in English when it wasn’t natural for me. I tapped on and calmed all these and many other distressing memories. I felt more peaceful and calmer about my legs but my pain levels had not changed.

I took an EFT class where we focussed on healing chronic health issues. One approach that we used was what I now call the anatomy book technique. For this, identify which parts of the body are affected by the condition. Work with an anatomy book that has clear pictures with properly labelled parts of organ/ tissue/ bone, etc. Then using muscle testing or intuition, identify which different elements of that body part are needing healing to resolve this condition.

We used the same simple setup over again with each new body part. Below is an example of one:

Even though I have a problem with the medial maleolus of my left tibia”

Short reminder phrase: this problem with the medial maleolus on the left.

With each new body part, I would hold my finger on the relevant part of the picture on the book to help with the mind/body connection. We tapped as a group and I gained the benefit of this group healing work. We worked through muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons that were relevant to my operation and released the pain that my legs had been holding onto all this time.

After 90 minutes my pain was at a zero on a scale of 0 to 10. I had suffered from this pain for more than 25 years and it was finally gone. 8 months later I am still completely free of this pain.

I would encourage use of this approach where an individual has tapped on all the relevant emotional table legs to their problem and the physical pain hasn’t improved.

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