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Big thanks to Gabrielle Rutten, MD for this fascinating story about using EFT in an emergency situation. Take note how little reaction the person enduring the jellyfish had when he employed EFT immediately. 


By Gabrielle Rutten

In our recent EFT Masterclass we have shared quite a few interesting results from using EFT on various issues. Our attendee Coert gave us a case history about jelly-fish stings that I would like to share with you (with his permission of course).

This is what he wrote:

"Hi everybody, I hope everyone had a nice summer vacation. Ours was excellent: sun, sea, and beach. It was a relaxing and happy time. During our stay at the Mediterranean I had a wonderful EFT experience, as follows:

One of the drawbacks of swimming in the Mediterranean is encountering jelly-fish. My mother was unfortunate enough to touch one with her ankle and she quickly felt a burning and itching pain. She immediately started tapping for the itching and the pain and both disappeared very quickly. Later she did get an enormous blister that was visible for days. We concluded that she got the blister because she had only tapped for pain and itching. For the blister she has used some cream.

A few days later it was my turn: a frontal collision with a jelly-fish which gave a nice imprint of the fish on my skin. This area turned into a swollen, discolored area immediately. I turned on my back and started tapping on: "this jelly fish sting, this allergic reaction, this irritation." I also forgave the jelly fish for its defense mechanism. I didn't use the set up phrase and only tapped on my face and collarbone points

After arriving at the beach I took a shower, toweled myself dry and did a few more rounds of tapping. I deliberately did not use anything else because I wanted to see what the effect of EFT was. After 2 hours the itching and burning was completely gone. All I had was a light tingling sensation and a vague imprint. One hour later (so only 3 hours after the sting), the imprint was almost gone and the tingling sensation was gone. A vague spot is all there is to see.

What all the factors were that helped me in this case, I am not sure of. It might have been advantageous that I had to swim another 450 meters (0.3 mile). I understand that showering with tap water is not a good idea. It is in fact strongly discouraged but I did not have any noticeable adverse effects.

By the way, in treating myself for hay fever and mosquito bites I have also tapped on the more general "this allergic reaction" and I have noticed that since that time I no longer have an allergic reaction to nettles. Maybe my whole sensitivity has decreased?

Anyway, I think it's a remarkable experience. greetings, Coert."

As a MD, I think this is a remarkable quick recovery from a jelly-fish sting. I have helped numerous people after a jelly-fish stings and the reactions can be very severe (nausea and vomiting, breathing difficulties, even shock and death). EFT is definitely a excellent first aid tool.

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