EFT’s Borrowing Benefits: One’s Stomachache and Another’s Back PainEFT BackPain cvr

By Tatjana Manic

I don’t doubt EFT or the benefits of practicing it, but that doesn't mean I'm not delighted by the results.

This is another experience that WOWed me.

I had an appointment with Sunny that we had scheduled two weeks prior to the event I describe here. The day of the session, I woke up very early with stomach pains and not feeling well in general. I wanted to cancel the meeting but somehow decided against it and, despite not feeling well, went to the scheduled appointment.

I felt so bad that I had neither willpower nor strength to tap. Tapping felt like an impossible task at the time.

I met Sunny and, during our conversation, told her about my situation. She then told me she’d had acupuncture treatments for the back pain she’d had for a long time.

I then asked her if she had ever heard of EFT. She hadn’t so I explained briefly that EFT uses acupressure points and helps in the energy flow that got "stuck" somewhere.

I demonstrated EFT by tapping on myself for my stomachache.

Even though I have this pain, pain in my stomach, I love and accept myself anyway.

My Reminder Phrases were: This pain, this pain in my stomach. In the second round of tapping I used the Reminders:

I decide to let go of this pain

Let it go, I am okay, I am safe

I felt better momentarily, which Sunny noticed since it was very obvious. We laughed and I told her, "See? All I had to do was tap, and I didn't. Let's tap on your backache."

She accepted right away. We started with the side of the hand point:

Even though I have this pain, pain in my lower back, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I have this pain, pain in my lower back that started after my surgery, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I have this pain in my lower back and it has been strong for a long time, I love and accept myself anyway.

Reminder Phrases: This pain, pain in my lower back, I feel that pain.

We repeated this in two rounds of tapping and on the third round, I added:

I accept that pain, I know that pain, it has been here for too long, it is mine, but it's time to let it go... I know it is safe to let it go

And I am safe.

Sunny said, "Wow! This is amazing, I can't believe it!" and kept repeating it.

I asked her to grade her back pain and it was around 4. We did one more round and the pain had completely gone, dropped to 0.

She bent and twisted but could not feel the pain anywhere. She wanted to learn more about EFT momentarily.

Sunny saw that my pain had completely disappeared as well and we both enjoyed the benefits of tapping.

Then she exclaimed again, "Wow!"

She explained that she’d had pain in her hand and fingers and that was gone as well. She was able to move her fingers and make a fist, trying to find some pain, but there was none.

Fantastic experience!

By showing, working with another person, I healed myself. By working on myself, I helped her heal herself. Mutual borrowing benefits.

An amazing experience.

I would like to add another very interesting, important, and, again, amazing fact: The entire tapping lasted only 15 minutes during which Sunny’s backache and the pain in her hand and fingers completely disappeared. As did my stomachache. 

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