Finger Burn Extinguished with EFT Tapping

Dear EFT Community, EFT for First Aid Small

Certified EFT Practitioner, Patzia Gonzalez-Baz shares a personal story on using EFT as a first-aid tool.  It's uncertain why EFT's use as a first-aid tool is so effective - which is why articles such as this continually fascinate us.


By Patzia Gonzalez-Baz

Recently we bought one of those printers, scanners and copiers that do everything.

I was making some copies and the paper got jammed. I opened the back door to pull the paper out and touched the roller, and it burned my finger!

I was surprised at the heat and the pain in my finger.

I immediately started tapping:

Even though I have this burning pain in my right index finger...
Even though I still have some burning pain in my index finger...

One round later, my finger was tingling, but not painful.

I tapped:

Even though I have this tingling in my index finger...

After two rounds, my finger was good as new! No burn, no pain, no pink skin! I am still amazed when this happens, and grateful for EFT.

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