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The Power of Surrender

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How to Apply EFT to a Burn from Boiling WaterEFT for first aid

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner Alexandra Villarreal shares her personal experience with using EFT tapping to heal a serious scalding from boiling water.

- EFT Universe

By Alexandra Villarreal

I practice tapping almost every day and I offer EFT sessions to clients, but only on very few occasions have I had the opportunity to treat a source of physical pain with tapping.

I read Beverly Nadelman's article: “EFT for Burn from Boiling Water” and it encouraged me to write my own EFT tapping success story.

In May, I had an accident similar to Beverly’s, but my burns disappeared in less than 15 minutes leaving behind only a small slightly dark mark about 1 cm2 without a blister.

I cooked some vegetables in boiling water in a 10 litre pot. I took it off the heat and when I carelessly drained the water in a strainer on top of a pile of dirty dishes to separate the vegetables, the boiling water bounced off the dishes and fell directly onto my legs. As I was only wearing a pair of mini shorts, it turned my legs red nearly all the way down to my ankles, with an almost SUD-level-10 burn.

Many SUD-level-10 negative thoughts about this immediately came to my mind.  

Fear of the blisters, the pain, the TV news a few weeks back about the death of a 2-year-old baby boy caused by boiling water burns, and I was on the brink of panicking. I tried to calm my mind by immediately breathing deeply and remembering that I could count on tapping. 

I used warm water to rinse my legs and started the tapping with a healing technique that involves visualizing healing in any way that may make sense to the person using it. For example, if there is an infection, imagine washing the wound with a strong detergent. For a cut, imagine that the skin is being closed with a strong glue, etc.

I chose to use alternate tapping for the EFT rounds. 

I started tapping on the Karate Chop point with Setup phrases relating to the pain and my fears of the blisters and scars:

"Even though I am afraid of terrible, painful blisters, I deeply and completely accept myself."

"Even though I am afraid of having a bad, painful scar, I deeply and completely accept myslef."

"Even though I fear dying by being scalded by boiling water, I deeply and completely accept myself."

I continued tapping through the points without repeating any Reminder Phrases while I visualized the following healing:

I imagined in detail applying a bunch of cold, moist green tea leaves on each burnt spot (I very much like green tea. For me, it is a good preventive measure to avoid illness). I asked God to lend me his hand to help me heal. I visualized that his hand was over my head and that from his hand there was a light entering my body from the crown: a green light ray to renew the hurt cells and a blue light ray for the pain. Both lights coming down to completely light up my legs. 

During the time I visualized the complete healing (less than 4 minutes), I applied several rounds without stopping.

I finished the visualization and there were still a few red blotches left, which disappeared within a few minutes, leaving only a small dark mark. Two hours later, my husband and I realized that in the place where the mark was, the skin felt much colder than the rest of my skin, as if I had applied a bag of ice to calm the pain, but in reality, I never used ice.

About 3 hours after the burn, I bathed without remembering the accident and I shaved my legs. After I finished bathing, I remembered the burn and I was surprised that my skin was so healthy that even shaving my legs didn’t hurt!

The results achieved with EFT never stop surprising me.

Strangely enough, I still wasn't sure if I would have had the same results had I only used the warm water. It was so amazing that I still couldn’t believe it, but 3 days later I had the opportunity to repeat the experience with an aunt during Mother’s Day celebrations and prove the technique with the same results.

My aunt, who is a retired nurse, was preparing mole (a hot peppers paste) in the blender with a very hot broth. The blender container exploded at the bottom spilling its contents onto her hand. 

She started crying out with pain and my cousin, who is a doctor and was also there, tried to heal the burn with an ice-cold compress. My aunt couldn’t stop screaming and couldn’t stand the contact with the compress. Her hand was very red and while they were treating it, I walked up to her and asked her consent to do some tapping with her. 

She didn`t know about EFT. Although in the past I had sometimes tried to talk to her about it, she hadn’t paid attention. I told her I would use a technique with her to mitigate the pain and that all she had to do was focus on the words I would tell her and repeat them with me.

I started a round tapping on her myself for the pain and the fear of what would happen to her skin and the anger for her spoiled dinner. 

At the end of the second round, she mentioned that she wasn’t feeling pain anymore and she stayed very still with her eyes closed. I continued, now using the same procedure of tapping and guiding the healing visualization with the green tea leaves and the rays of light. Her hand was as good as new. She only felt a slight burning in between a couple of fingers.

Besides stunning everyone with the results, I was personally surprised by her calmness. 

On other occasions, my aunt wouldn’t have stopped complaining through the whole celebration and this time, she couldn't stop showing her hand and saying “Look, I don’t have anything anymore!”  Ever since this experience, she recommends EFT tapping to everyone.

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