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Neuropathic Pain


Neuropathic pain is mostly in the mind: the damaged tissue has healed a long time ago, but traumatic sensations remain recorded in the brain. Worse yet, the nerves may have adjusted themselves to the damage but with side-effects. The mildest outcome would be tingling and numbness on a daily basis. The feeling can also be like stabbing recurring all day or like bones pressured to the breaking point. As you try to avoid neuropathic pain’s triggers, your ability to move around and get things done can be severely hampered.


Neuropathic pain may begin in the mind but the resulting damage is quite real in many cases. This is often made worse by the person’s underlying medical conditions like burns, inflammation, diabetes, infection and chemotherapy. Neuropathic pain is particularly painful when it hits joints, facial muscles that we use all day, the limbs and internal organs.


Pain can occur in a single spot or spread across a whole region of the body, especially when it affects a branching part of the nervous system. In case of headaches, fractures and spinal cord disorders, the resulting pain can shut down your ability to get up and damage muscle tissue due to atrophy.


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