Painful Muscle Cramps Subside Rapidly with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

Cramps can be painful and dehabilitating no matter what shape or age you are in - read about Harold's use of EFT for muscle cramps and how it made him a true believer in EFT. 

-Will M.

By Harold Woods. B.Sc.B.Paed.

I am a retired high school Science teacher, age 76 years.

I ordered the EFT DVDs and have the last 2 yet to be watched. I was skeptical of it ever working for me.

But 6 weeks ago I spent the day on a ladder painting the back room of our home. This tired me. I laid down before dinner on a bed in the computer room. 10 minutes later a cramp started in my left leg, between the knee and the ankle on the outside of the shin bone. It was very painful. I sat up and rubbed it.

The pain got worse so I stood up and tried to walk on it. The muscle seemed as hard as rock while the pain was terrible.

I hobbled down stairs.

Halfway down the same muscle on the right leg went into the same type of cramp. It too went very hard. I was unable to stand so I sat on the sofa. By now the pain was so bad that I did not know what to do to stop it. Suddenly I though of trying EFT on it.

I began with the karate chop. (this terrible pain in my legs, I want it to go away, I am a good person). This was repeated 3 times.

Next I tapped on my chin point (this terrible pain in my legs, repeated 3 times as I tapped).

Similarly under my nose, under my eye, side of my eye , my eyebrow point, my collar bone point and back to my karate chop point for a complete statement.

It was at this moment that the startling realization hit me. There was no pain. Simple as that, there was no pain. Both leg muscles were soft and pain free. At first I could not believe it. The leg muscles felt warm but soft. No pain. It has never returned.

Now I really believe in EFT for myself.

I read all of the EFT Insight Newsletters.

My only regret was that I did not know anything about EFT while I was a school teacher. At the moment I am trying to educate my family about the use of EFT.

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