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Diverse Benefits of EFT's Personal Peace ProcedureEFT HST Front

Dear EFT Community,

Cindy Shannon-Lee has found through personal experience what so many already know: that the Personal Peace Procedure can help a wide spectrum of lifelong emotional and physical issues. In this article, Cindy describes the impressive benefits she has experienced (including the resolution of both sleep and pain issues) using this effective tool.

- EFT Universe

By Cindy Shannon-Lee

The Personal Peace Procedure consists of listing every specific troublesome event in your life and systematically using EFT to tap away the emotional impact of these events.

With due diligence, you remove every negative tree from your emotional forest and, in so doing, remove significant sources of both emotional and physical ailments. In some cases, removing one tree will remove others, so it may not be necessary to tap on each and every event, the number of which can at first be daunting. A byproduct of this practice is personal peace, which improves your work and home relationships, and every other area of your life. (Source: EFT Universe)

I wanted to relate to you how much EFT has improved my life in the three months I have been using it. I have solved a lot of pain instantly, which in itself, is incredible.

However, my biggest success has been in my overall attitude and how I perceive myself to react in a negative environment. I have always been "high-strung" and react quite emotionally (much like my mother did when she was alive). I have always looked for a tool to help me "unlearn" that behavior and I finally found it with EFT. [Editorial note: Perhaps Cindy is what is know as a "highly sensitive person" or "highly sensitive temperament." EFT does not get rid of the sensitivity, which is a valuable gift, but helps the individual by offering a tool to cope with having this gift, that is, the ability to calm the emotions when they threaten to overwhelm. See the Energy Psychology Press book EFT for the Highly Sensitive Temperament.]

I did the Personal Peace Procedure when I first read about it. I have felt myself change a lot since then. It is not something I can "name." I just do not react with negative emotions nearly as often. I also sleep much better now, as most things are just not important enough to keep me awake at night anymore.

I, like everyone else in this world, had collected many bad memories and was storing them in painful places in my body.

They are all gone now!

One of them had to be worked on persistently, as it contained many aspects. There were times when I thought that EFT just wasn't going to work on that pain. However, once I identified all of the aspects and tapped them out, it too went away and I suspect that it is truly gone forever.

I find myself at the doorway of my Palace of Possibilities and for the first time in my life, I realize that I can go anywhere I want. I am excited about my future.

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