EFT and Fear of Flying: Look for Aspects

There are often many aspects that contribute to a fear of flying, and to fully remove this fear with EFT, each aspect must be worked through. You can read more about this process in our free tutorial on Aspects found here. There have been clinical trials demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT for phobias - you can find these and more on the Research Pages of EFT Universe, and these techniques apply equally well to the fear of flying. 

If you or a loved one don't achieve quick relief after trying the methods found in the free EFT Mini-Manual, it might be helpful to read our free tutorial about tapping on aspects, or to enlist a certified EFT practitioner with a specialty in removing phobias.

If you wish to learn more about effectively tapping through aspects, and about how to apply EFT quickly and effectively yourself, you can take an EFT workshop. There are many wonderful references for learning in our bookstore. Below is a story from practitioner Karen Ledger about how she worked on each aspect of her client's mother's fear.

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Dawson Church, PhD
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Fear of Flying Case Histories

I helped the mother of client who has such a huge fear of flying that she drives across Canada every year rather than take a plane. Well, she had to go to Ireland and didn't have time to take a boat, and was already getting nauseated three weeks before the event, just thinking about it.

I suggested we try EFT and she agreed. We spent about 40 minutes exploring and tapping on all the aspects which might come up for her around flying. We started with thinking about it, the drive to the airport; sitting in the cramped seating and smelling the airplane smell; takeoff; fear of the pilot being inept; turbulence; and the plane dropping out of the sky or down thousands of feet. Interestingly, there was no fear around landing, as she felt that once they were on their way down she would be OK, even though she realized intellectually that landing could be risky!

Well she returned from her trip this week and reported that she had "no further worries prior to the flight" even tho she tried to make herself worry just to test the technique! She stated "It was a lovely trip! My husband couldn't believe it" ...I enjoyed the food, the music the movie and the view!....and I have already booked another flight to Prince Edward Island for later this year! It's really unbelievable!"

Well this has boosted my confidence and I am thinking of expanding my counseling practice and advertising specifically for people with phobias.

Love & Hugs, Karen