EFT Tapping Finds Core Issue and Resolves AcrophobiaMeridian Tapping by Patricia Carrington

By Rima Levine

This article is in response to my work with Dawson Church and his suggestion last week that we tap on a phobia and then report back. Here is my report.

Mine is a fear of heights (acrophobia). I had something practical to work on immediately. I had to replace a light bulb in a very awkward, antiquated, ceiling light fixture in my main workspace. I had to use a ladder and climb one step farther than I could calmly deal with. My fear of heights kicked in and I felt disoriented and kind of wobbly. In the job I was doing, it was also really difficult to stay balanced while maneuvering all the necessary parts of the light fixture (glass globe, light bulb, ridiculous clamp structure holding the globe).

I had lived a few days with the burnt-out light bulb just to postpone the inevitable. However, now armed with tapping, I gave it a go. I tapped and immediately a memory came up of a home movie my family took when I was a toddler under 2 years old.

My family was at Niagara Falls, and one of my uncles was tossing me high in the air, close to the cliff edge. He, and the rest of the assembled family, thought it was hilarious, as he called me his "little apple dumpling!!!" You can't make up some of the stuff of these old, dysfunctional family memories. In the movie, I, clearly under duress, wasn't joining in the family "fun", and "little apple dumpling" was pissed off and disoriented, and really scared. Yikes! We're talking the bloody Niagara Gorge!!


So, I tapped many rounds and got my charge down from about 9 to about 5. I then decided to tackle the light bulb replacement "thing" in two stages. First of all, (and after visualizing myself as steady as a mountain goat), I climbed the ladder and removed the globe and burnt-out bulb. Then I took a rest, and decided to finish it off the next day after more tapping.

So, the following day, after more tapping and getting the charge down to about 2-3, I found I could suddenly "think" and plan out a few tweaks in getting the job done much more easily and efficiently. So, up the ladder I went, and quickly and easily got the job done. It took me about a quarter of the time it had taken me previously, and I could actually focus my mental attention on the job, rather than my fear of falling off the ladder. And, when I returned to terra firma, I felt fine and grounded.

WOW!! What a difference a bit of tapping can make. Thank you, again, Dawson, for this great gift.

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