EFT Tapping for Fear of Creating a Websitetapping into ultimate success

By Hugo Ménard

I started working with Sophie (not her real name) to address her fear of creating a website. She had started looking into what was required but couldn’t go through with it. She was afraid that she didn’t have enough content, wouldn’t be able to do it, and wasn’t good at technology. Her fear of creating a website was at a SUD level of 8. She felt it in her chest and throat like a dense tangle of grey threads. To address this initial feeling, we tapped on:

Even though I have this fear of creating a website and it’s like a dense tangle of grey threads, I deeply and completely accept myself.

After a couple of rounds, her intensity dropped to SUD 4. When I asked Sophie if anything came up for her, she said it felt like she was enclosed in an egg-shaped plastic container where she could see what had to be done and what was out there, but she couldn’t get there. We tapped on:

Even though it feels like I’m in this egg-shaped container, I can see what’s there but I can’t get there, I deeply and completely accept myself.

As we finished this round, she noticed that her shoulders felt pinned down, SUD 8, so we tapped on:

Even though my shoulders feel pinned down, it’s an 8 out of 10, I deeply and completely accept myself.

This brought up a memory of being a little girl and being pinned to the table for a medical exam. I imagined the intensity for this event would be quite high, so we used the Tearless Trauma Technique, placing the event in a box. She described the box as a wooden box with a lid, the size of a cigar box, placed at the side of the room. We tapped on:

Even though there’s this wooden box, with a wooden lid, it’s the size of a cigar box and it’s at the side of the room, I deeply and completely accept myself.

We kept tapping as she imagined the box coming closer and, eventually, she “looked inside” the box. She saw her dad, saying he was sorry as she saw him pinning down her shoulders. We kept tapping as this came up, specifically addressing seeing herself thrashing on the table, feeling she would never get over this, feeling angry at everyone who was in that room at the time.

This layer gave way to feeling sad for her younger self. After tapping on the sadness, the intensity was down to 0.

At this point, I brought Sophie back to her original issue, which was the fear of creating a website and feeling like she was in an egg-shaped container. She still had the image of being in the container, but it was more elastic and malleable, now she could reach through it. As we were coming to the end of the session, I took her through a visual meditation. Afterward she felt like creating her website was not such a serious thing anymore; it didn’t feel as threatening. She felt respectful of the work that she needed to do.

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