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By Meryl Beck

I love doing work with phobias—usually it is the fastest and most amazing of all! Living in Arizona, I seem to be working a lot with snake phobias. Here are some examples:

Snake Phobia Case 1

I was out on a first date with a gentleman, at a local restaurant, and he asked what kind of work I do. So, not being shy, I told him and asked if he wanted to try some tapping. We quickly worked through an issue he brought up and then he said, "I would really believe this stuff (tapping) if it could do something about my fear of snakes. I hate to go into the garage, if a snake is on the television screen I have to change the channel, just the thought of snakes makes me sweat. I know it seems stupid, that a big man like me is afraid of even non-poisonous snakes, but I hate them and never want to see them!"

When I inquired, he said his SUD [0-10 intensity] level was only at a 3 currently. So I decided to find a prop and went to the front of the restaurant where they sell books, to look for one with a picture of a snake. Instead of a book, I came back to our table with a stuffed animal (toy) snake. I explained that we both knew it wasn't real and this might not work, but what was his SUD level now. It was about a 6.

After three rounds it was a zero. We both weren't sure if it would hold when he saw a real snake.

Since he was new in town, I asked him if he wanted to meet me at a pot luck Chanukah party that I had been invited to the next night. When I arrived, he met me at the door asking, "Is this a set up?" I didn't know what he was talking about until he took me into the home owner's den (a home I had never been in) and there were TWO CAGES WITH LIVE SNAKES!

As he stood there looking at the snakes, I made a comment that it was amazing that he could be so near snakes since he had had such a fear of them and he replied, "I guess it is just a case of mind over matter" and didn't correlate it to the tapping we did the day before (apex problem)!

Snake Phobia Case 2

My associates and I were on the phone doing a radio interview and explaining our method--ERMT (Energy Restoration & Management Techniques) which uses EFT and other tapping techniques. We asked callers to call in....and worked with a gentleman who was terrified of snakes. After two or three rounds his SUD was at a zero and he was feeling calm and peaceful. The interviewer knew the caller and reported that she spoke to him a few days later and he was amazed and delighted that he still had no fear about snakes!

Snake Phobia Case 3

A few days later at a networking breakfast, a woman asked about my work. I told her the story about being on the air with a caller and tapping down his snake phobia. She said she was terrified of snakes, too. I asked her if she wanted to experience the tapping for herself to release the fear, and she agreed. Then I said, "What is your level of emotional discomfort when you think of a snake." And she shuddered and said, "No, no, I don't want to even think of them." We proceeded immediately to do the tapping, and after three rounds she was able to think of snakes without any fear.

Bug Phobia Case

I also have worked with several people around their fear of creepy, crawly, things--like spiders, roaches, and other "ugly" bugs. A few days ago, at a workshop in Texas, a woman reacted very strongly when a roach ran across the floor. That evening, I asked her if she wanted some relief from her fear of bugs, and she agreed.

We started with a little piece of paper to represent the bug, and her SUD was only about an 8. After we tapped it down to a 0, I said let's look for a real bug.....and her fear that I would find one was up to a 10. She reported that her heart was pounding and had sweaty palms. So we tapped. Once it was at a zero, and not seeing any bugs around, I asked her to let me know what her reaction was if she saw another bug.

The next day she called me over and said that she had seen another roach and, although she didn't want to touch it, it was no big deal!

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