EFT Session for Water Phobia Saves LivesThe EFT Manual by Dawson Church 124x173

By Steve Burgess

My client Doreen came to me one year ago for help with a severe phobia of ocean water. She was able to stand next to the sea on a beach but unable to stand in it. As soon as the water covered her feet she became terrified and had to rush away from it. She was about to go on holiday and wanted to take part in all normal beach activities without any fear. We spent a session doing EFT and I had assumed it had been fixed.I heard nothing from her for about a year when out of the blue she rang last week and left a message on my ansaphone, "Hi Steve, there's no need to ring me back but you just might like to know that the work you did with me last year has saved my life and the lives of five children. Bye."

No need to ring me back? Who did she think I was? I rang her that night and she told me the full story. First, she told me that the work we'd done last year had indeed shifted the phobia. She was not just okay paddling in the sea but after a couple of days tapping whilst standing in the sea she was able to swim on her back! Second, the loss of the phobia had actually saved lives. A few weeks ago she was walking with her grandchildren and their friends (children ranging from the age of 4 to 11) out along the beach at Cleethorpes, a delightful, sub-tropical (sic) British seaside resort. They walked some distance before realizing that the tide had turned and was coming back in.

Cleethorpes Beach is notorious for the way in which the sea comes in at speed and in a pincer movement. They were cut off from the main beach and as the water began to rise around them Doreen realized they were in a bit of a pickle. The local coastguards spotted their plight and launched a rescue vessel, but because of the treacherous currents it had to take a long route round to try to reach them and would not have reached them in time. A helicopter was launched to assist, but by this time the water was rising higher and higher and the stretch of sea cutting them off from the main beach was widening all the time.Doreen decided that they had to try and escape, as the children were becoming more and more frightened. Telling them not to panic, she picked up the youngest child in her arms and together they began wading through the water. They had difficulty walking as they were wading through thick mud that kept sucking their feet down, but they kept on pushing their way through the water, which got higher and higher around them.

Doreen herself wondered, as the water came up over her waist, if they were going to make it, but she kept on encouraging the children forward and eventually they made it back onto dry land and safety. She had no doubt when telling me all of this that if we hadn't done the tapping last year that they would all now be dead, as she feels that if she had still had had the phobia she would have been too petrified to move off the sandbank, with the consequence that they would have all been swept away into the sea. Isn't it wonderful to realize the unforseen, far-reaching effects that the work we do with clients can have?

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