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Greater Nashville Area
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Hi! I'm Jennifer, home educator, global entrepreneur, wellness coach and practitioner. My highest calling in life has been to bring up the six precious children I have been blessed and entrusted with. Today, my family has grown to include three sons-in-law and one grandchild! I still have two who haven't left the nest yet! I attended Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, and Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I received a B.A. in Math and a B.A. in Computer Science. After graduating, I went to work for a company as a support programmer for banks in a seven state area. When the time came to start a family, I wanted to stay at home with my children. I felt called to a lifestyle of teaching in my home throughout the day. So I gave up my career, put away my professional wardrobe, and put on my "mommy" role. I spent the next 25 years doing what I loved as a full-time home educator and homemaker! While teaching my kids to have a thirst for learning, I was also gaining a new and different education! Of course, I wanted my children to be happy and healthy. As a mother, I knew the importance of staying strong and healthy, too. I did much research on the power of the human body to heal itself and natural remedies, particularly in the area of cleansing. I didn't want my children taking antibiotics for every ear infection or using harmful over-the-counter drugs! I learned a systematic method of cleansing, and ultimately became a Certified Colon Hygienist. When the time came to transition back into the work world, I didn't have the heart to become a part of "corporate America" again. Instead, I became an entrepreneur working from home. Working in or out of the home is no easy task for a full-time mother! It requires a great deal of energy, stamina, and time management. The amount of stress and toxins we are exposed to daily are very damaging to our health and wellness. This compelled me to learn about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a scientifically proven, efficacious method of lowering damaging stress hormones in the body with lasting results! It is a method commonly referred to as "needleless acupuncture" and is done by gently tapping on acupressure points to send a calming signal throughout the nervous system. I became an EFT Practitioner and have used it to help men, women, and children all become healthier and perform better in life! My dear mother, whom I greatly admire for raising seven children, always said to me, "You can do anything you set your mind to." She was so right. She didn't know how much the role of the mind played in our ability to live healthy, successful lives. Because so much of our stress revolves around money, I have added specialized coaching in that area to my practice by becoming an Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach. I know your fears, insecurities, and worries. I share your pain, struggles, and disappointments. When you are ready for coaching, mentoring, cleansing, or business opportunities, it will be an honor to work with you. All you have to do is visit my website using the link above and request a complimentary no obligation Clarity Session!

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