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Joanne Kingston Success Coaching
  • Fears & Phobias
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We hear it all the time, the term “fight or flight”, used to describe what happens to us in high stress situations. Most of us know what that feels like. However, do you know the opposite of “fight or flight”? Many of us are not as familiar with “rest and digest”. Yet, it is a necessary physiological function to ensure an optimal nervous system.
Do you respond or react when stressed? Do you know what triggers your stress? Relationships, work, school, emotions, negative thoughts and money are high on people’s trigger list.
Fire fighters, police, EMT and other professional are trained, to assist people, while in stressful situations. They are called First RESPONDERS, not first REACTORS.
What tools do you have to bring yourself into the “rest and digest” mode? Have you trained yourself to use those tools to return yourself to “rest and digest” and respond to stress that will give you ease? How do you relieve your stress and build your resilience?
Additionally, do you believe is all stress bad? Can stress also be a motivator? Is there a way to reframe unhelpful thought habits into powerful tools for success?
As a Certified EFT Practitioner, with a background as a social worker in both mental health and Hospice, I educate clients on how stress occurs in the body and how thoughts can affect stress. Each person may view and feel stress differently.
I assist clients in identifying their causes or triggers. I teach techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm, enabling them respond in a way they feel more at ease. I use EFT, mindfulness and other techniques in a supportive collaborative atmosphere to guide clients in managing their stress more effectively. This empowers them to feel less stressed, and feel more peace in all areas of their lives.
Sessions available via skype. In-person sessions available on a case-by-case basis.

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