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certified EFT practitioner Peter Donn

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The EFT Training Centre
  • Addictions/Overweight/Compulsions
  • Anger
  • Business Issues
  • Family/Marital Issues
  • General EFT Practitioner
  • Grief
  • Headaches
  • Men's Issues
  • Other physical issues
  • Pain management
  • Self Image
  • Serious Diseases
  • Sexual Issues
  • Spiritual matters
  • Trauma (accident)
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Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom

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+44 (0)7941 221 635
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I am an experienced EFT Trainer, training for 3 organizations (including EFTUniverse and the AAMET), and have extensive EFT full-time experience for over a decade. I have been trained both by Dr Roger Callahan and the creator of EFT.  I get fantastic results with emotional freedom techniques. To shortcut the healing process I use a keen intuition, the right questions, psycho-kinesiology and also Meta-medicine which reveals specific forms of emotional shock precede certain physical diseases. Knowing this is a great help in knowing what to look for when treating physical issues. More than anything else I wish to make your time in counselling treatment with me to be pleasurable and transformative, and for your life to open to new possibilities. If you are looking to be understood, respected, not judged and honored for who you are, yet guided to a new state of empowerment, you are in the right place.

Come along for a few sessions with no long-term commitment and let us work together to bring you your best life.

The future does not equal the past, unless you always have the same thoughts and feelings. With EFT-based counselling sessions, there is every chance of positive change. I look forward to working with you!



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