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Steven Gottlieb, Certified Energy Psychology and EFT Practitioner

Steven Gottlieb, Certified Energy Psychology and EFT Practitioner
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25 Franklin Avenue, apt 4B
White Plains
United States

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Empower Your True Self.com
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Certified as an Energy Psychology Coach and EFT Practitioner, I have been integrating these remarkable methods in my Intuitive Energy Healing and Personal Empowerment Coaching work. In my nearly 20 years helping people get to and resolve the root causes of their most pressing issues I have seen and heard a lot! Feel free to discuss any issue, share any thought, and safely feel any emotion in our work together. I am here for you. You may be surprised at how easily suppressed emotions arise for tapping. I am honored to hold space for their expression and release, and for your personal healing journey. My skill as a Clinical EFT practitioner guiding you in your Tapping process is paramount to your success, however the chemistry that is created in our working relationship is also paramount, so it is important that you are open to be challenged and feel you are ready for change in order for the Clinical EFT processes to work most effectively. While most people find me to be a highly skilled listener and questioner, proper EFT methodology does not promote the ongoing story telling that many people think is necessary in order for me to understand the nature of their issues. Therefore you can expect me to question what you say and even stop you in mid sentence to clarify something you said in order to setup an immediate tapping process. Some people might find this approach upsetting, although unlike traditional forms of talk therapy, a good EFT coach is focused on getting results and knows its is counterproductive to allow a client to speak about disturbing stories without tapping on something very specific. In addition to traditional EFT, some circumstances benefit from my skills and experience tapping into the wisdom of Intuitive Guidance and to also use muscle testing (surrogate Kinesiology) to help identify the nature of hidden psychological ‘blocks’ and unresolved traumatic memories so we can use EFT in the most effective way to provide immediate results. As a personal performance coach I help those seeking a higher level of functioning to be more 'In The Zone' while performing in their chosen avocations, which also serves as a metaphor for all of life's experiences. While a specialist in skiing and golf performance, these techniques and processes are applicable to any creative endeavor, including business success and other creative and artistic pursuits. As an Energy Psychology/EFT Tapping coach I consider myself to be a trauma specialist, helping those with deep psycho-emotional-spiritual wounds to find release and relief. Much of this work is targeted to helping women with a breast cancer diagnoses. EFT is instrumental in helping them gain relief from the specific life stress that challenges their day to day activities, and ideally helps them address and resolve any pattern of life traumas that may underlie the causation of cancer from unresolved stress. I have also helped many suffering from the wounds of relationship difficulties, past and present. These may be romantic, family, and social/work related. Very often people struggle with present day issues that relate back to early childhood and adolescent development experiences where parents, teachers, and friends were not supportive. This is yet another form of trauma work that is directly solvable with thorough and effective EFT tapping, no matter the issue. I invite you to contact me for a complementary initial consultation to discuss your most pressing concerns and how working together we may be able to help resolve them, hopefully easily and permanently. Blessings, Steve

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