Dream to Freedom (Blog Post)

Do you want to have lucid dreams?

Would you like to understand the meaning in your dreams?

Do you wonder what your subconscious mind is trying to communicate to you through dreams?

Do you have nightmares, or recurring dreams?

These and many more dream questions are answered in the remarkable new workshop Dream to Freedom.

Dream to Freedom or DTF combines the dreamwork techniques from Gestalt therapy with EFT, to provide a breakthrough method to interpreting your dreams.

DTF makes use of the latest discoveries of neuroscience, which show which parts of the brain are most active while dreaming. DTF harnesses the way your brain works to give you a practical method of decoding the messages in your dreams.

Rather than relying on general guides to dream interpretation, DTF helps you uncover the precise ways in which your individual brain processes information and images during sleep.

It includes a practical protocol based on "six magic questions" to remove the emotional upset associated with disturbing dreams.

At the end of the first day of this two-day workshop, you receive instructions on how to induce a significant dream that coming night, and we analyze your dream the follwing morning!

The DTF workshop will be held October 27-28 near the San Francisco airport; click here for more information.

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