Pests Invade Her House in a Disturbing Dream

In this fascinating account, Kelly Campbell has a disturbing dream which continues to bother her the next day. She uses EFT with the Dream To Freedom (DTF) technique, and discovers a suprising association between the dream, and a situation in her waking life.

-Dawson Church 

 by Kelly Campbell

I dreamed that my partner, who restores antique furniture, had brought home a crummy old mattress he wanted to restore. Part of it was corroded, it was in very bad shape. It was lying in the driveway next to the garage. These big bugs began pouring out of the mattress and running into the garage. I realized the door leading from the garage to the house was open, they'd be running into the house next. They were half insect, half rodent, about two inches long. They were armored, with little helmets on their heads. They ran on two legs, and they were intelligent; they were thinking, "This is my lucky break, we're going to go into the house and find a new place to hide and start eating and living there." They'd then be able to pop out at any time, or we'd find them eating our food, or living in our mattresses, or eating the house from the inside out. It looked like an army of them running in lines, like a stream, pouring into the house. There wasn't anything we could do about them, so we let them complete their exit from the mattress; there were fewer and fewer of them as they all entered the house. I shuddered and felt as though I didn't want to go into the house anymore. That's all I remembered of the dream.

When I told my partner about the dream the next afternoon, as I was about to leave to run some errands, my emotional intensity was at a 7. I began tapping as I told him the story. I tapped continuously, as in the Tell the Story technique. I then used Bob and Lynne Hoss's "Dream to Freedom" (DTF) technique on the dream. The first part is to ask Bob's "Six Magic Questions" which are drawn from Gestalt therapy:

  1. I am a house.

  2. My function is to keep people clean and safe.

  3. What I like about being a house is that I am beautiful and clean and safe and happy and it's home.

  4. What I dislike about being a house is that hole under the door where things can invade, where bugs can get in if door's left open.

  5. What I fear most is nasty creatures can live in places where I don't know they are, and eat me or bite me or crawl all over me when I'm sleeping.

  6. What I desire most is to be safe, clean, happy, beautiful, and a nurturing, loving, comfortable, safe home.

The next stage of the DTF technique is to consider which of the above statements relate to your waking life. I realized that I don't like unseen entities and fears eating away at my happiness. 

The following DTF instruction is to think about a specific event in your life where you felt that way. Right now I have a part time job in customer service for a high-tech startup company. I get a lot of emails. I tend to take them personally. I don't like to have these hundreds of people to deal with. I began tapping on this problem, and that led spontaneously to me tapping on the dream images as well. I tapped on the following phrases:

  • These emails are overwhelming
  • There are too many of them
  • They're like bugs crawling all over my computer screen, invading my space.
  • They're starting to get under my skin.
  • There are too many of them.
  • It's okay, but you have to keep on top of them, keep them out.
  • You can never find them all. 
  • You don't know where they've gone.
  • I don't know how to deal with them.
  • I don't know how to get them out.
  • I don't know where they're coming from.
  • They're coming from the old mattress.
  • My partner brought the old mattress home, he opened up a can of worms, a mattress of bugs, that have come out to feed.
  • Someone left the garage door open and let them in. Now they're in. They could be in the garage, they could be in the house now. 
  • How do we get rid of them. I have to fumigate, or move. They're too big and disgusting to deal with.

After tapping, I felt better. I realized that we're getting more organized about customer service in our company. I feel supported, because we have other people on the team answering the emails. My intensity went down to a 1. I did the Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll, one of the techniques I learned in EFT workshops.

The final stage of the DFT technique is to make up a new positive ending to the dream. So I imagined a Pied Piper who came along and lured the bugs out, because finding them and killing them wouldn't be easy. The Pied Piper would turn them around in their tracks and lead them off into the woods, so they could live in trees, instead of old mattresses.

In real life, I imagined that I'm getting happy customers and smiley faces in my customer service job. I'm getting simple requests that are easily resolved, and the number of emails has gone way down. Eventually there's only one customer service request a day; everything's running so well that my main job in customer service is to receive "thank you's" from grateful customers. I went down to a 0 on both the emails and the dream, and I had a cognitive shift. I found myself tapping on phrases like:

  • I don't take things personally.
  • I'm doing the best I can with who I am.

I was then able to go on with my day feeling great! Thank you DTF and EFT!




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