The 6 EFT Whys for Getting To Core Issues

Dear EFT Community,

Ilana Weiler from Israel makes good progress with her client on a broad "orderliness" issue using her 6 "whys" for getting to core issues.

-Stephanie M

By Ilana Weiler

I believe we need to explore new methods and techniques in EFT.  I am always enthusiastic and curious about it, like most of us, I believe.  I read an article onEFTUniverse by Hazel Rogers, who wrote about The 7 Whys method for getting to core issues.  Thank you Hazel.  I tried it out.  

My client, Ann wanted to work on being un-stuck financially. 

We tried 6 EFT Whys:

1. Why are you stuck?

Because I’m stuck financially.

2. Why are you stuck financially

Because whatever I do, I don’t seem to bring in more income.

3. Why is that?

I don’t know.  Maybe because everything is in the hands of the creator.

That sounded like a dead end.

4. If everything is in His hands, why should you try at all?

Well I have to do my part.

5. Regarding your part, why do you think your efforts don’t make a change in your financial situation?

Because there is disorder in my business, it’s a mess … because of my mother’s chronic orderliness.

6. Why is that connected to you?

I detested her orderliness.

At this point, I knew we had arrived at the hard core.  I encouraged Ann to feel this negativity in her body and I asked how this affected her.  She said she felt a tightness in her chest which, on a scale of 0 to 10 was at a 10.

We tapped:

Even though I feel a tightness in my chest because I detested my mother’s need to keep everything in order

Eyebrow:          This tightness

Side of Eye:     My mother’s need for order

Under Eye:       Everything had to be tidy

Under Nose:     She kept arranging things all the time

Chin:                Everything had to be spotless

Collarbone:      It put me under pressure

Under Arm:      She was cleaning all the time

Top of Head:    Spotless

The feeling of tightness turned into a feeling of an “angry’ stomach” and Ann said she felt like vomiting. 

We tapped:

Even though I feel like vomiting from her need to have everything spotless, I accept myself and my reaction.

Eyebrow:          I feel like vomiting

Side of Eye:     It makes me vomit

Under Eye:       All this cleaning all the time

Under Nose:     Everything had to spotless

Chin:                I want to vomit

Collarbone:      She was cleaning all the time.  No fingerprints

Under Arm:       It was so clean I feel like vomiting … I could not stand it

Top of Head:    It was all spotless and I feel like throwing up.

Ann took a deep breath and I asked what came up now.  She said, “It wasn’t humanly possible not to have fingerprints everywhere, not to have any sign of life.”  We checked for her body sensations.  Everything felt better.  Her description sounded like OCD, but I decided not to mention the medical definition, not wanting to add more stress.

I asked how she felt about that as a child and she said, “I hated it.  I deliberately created a mess.”  I asked if she could remember a phrase her mother often repeated.  Ann replied, “You always make a mess.  Wherever you are there’s a mess.  You always leave a mess behind you.”

We tapped for that.  I took the role of the mother and repeated her sentences, while Ann kept tapping a few more rounds. 

We added a few more sentences:

Even though I was told I always leave a mess … Even though I felt I had to be careful all the time … Even though everything had to be sterile…

At some point, Ann took a deep cleansing breath.  She looked more relaxed.  “How do you feel about the disorderly state of your business and your life now,” I asked.  “I feel sad,” she replied. 

We tapped:

Even though I feel sad about it now…

Eyebrow:      I feel sad

Side of Eye: It makes me feel sad

Under Eye:   I am sad about it for the first time in my life

Under Nose: It is sad

Chin:            I am sad

We completed a round on sadness and the 9 gamut.  I asked Ann what she thought and she said, “I never wanted to be like her.  I do make order, but it’s not like hers.  There is order to my chaos.” I asked if she felt she could change that and make different decisions now.  Ann replied that she thought she could be more organized and be more in control of her papers and bills.

Here is an example of a case that cannot be checked for results immediately.  Only time will tell how this session will influence Ann’s life.  But I believe that the immeasurable Emotional Freedom that is gained here is a breakthrough and the sadness in this case is a good sign.  Sometimes the freedom is experienced by having the freedom to feel what we really feel about things.  Once we dig below the surface, we are free to experience our real, authentic self.

I suggested ending the session by tapping for:

Even though I feel sadness, I choose to feel what I feel without it causing me pain.  I choose to feel and accept all my feelings and still feel secure.

We decided to let her live with these feelings before meeting again to continue our work, before changing her decision to make changes in her disorder.  

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