The Apex Effect: Client cannot  remember the details of former problem

By John Digby, PhD

I had to put pen to paper - electronically of course - to inform you of a fascinating event that occurred recently. In my practice I have become known as a specialist in ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and regularly address support groups for these conditions. In these events I have the assistance of one of my first "cures" in the way of a lady called Tina, who, since her recovery, has also become a practitioner.

After explaining how EFT works and demonstrating with a member or two from the group, I open the floor to a Q & A session. This week a gentleman in the audience asked Tina exactly what symptoms she tapped on to get rid of her ME. She quickly replied that although the consultations we had were just over a year ago, she had no recollection of specific symptoms and went on to explain that this was the Apex effect in action.

Her ME had been severe, and she had been diagnosed with depression, and receiving chemical treatment for depression for 14 years. But she had so completely dissolved the issues causing the symptoms that she could not connect with that "other Tina" who had had the condition.

The Apex never fails to enthrall me and after a few early jitters as a therapist I now smile when a patient experiences it as I know then that the healing is then total!

John Digby PhD

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