Energy Psychology: Time for a second look

Richard C. Kevin, PhD

Citation (APA style): Kevin, R. C. (2011). Energy Psychology: Time for a second look. North Carolina Psychologist, 63(1), 8-9.

Reprinted with permission by the North Carolina Psychologist.


Energy Psychology (EP) occupies a unique niche in the range of modalities used by psychologists and other mental health professionals. Like other techniques early in their potential arcs of transition from untested innovation to unremarkable standard practice, EP has committed defenders and implacable detractors. Unlike most well established therapies, EP originated outside of the Western psychological/medical tradition as an integration of Western psychotherapy and several forms of Eastern medicine. EP also has the unique status of having been banned by the APA Education Directorate as a topic for which CEUs can be granted. The controversy surrounding EP and its promise as a healing technique have the makings of a case study of how professional and academic psychology responds to innovation. What follows is a brief introduction to EP through my clinical experience and a summary of recent literature.

To download a copy of the article in PDF format, click here.

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