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Dear EFT Community,

Nyanasanti Bhikkhu, a Buddhist monk, shares his joy at learning emotional freedom techniques and how he feels EFT can help people with their suffering. It's somewhat unusual for a Buddhist monk to be recommending a transformational tool that wasn't explicitly taught by the Buddha.


By Nyanasanti Bhikkhu

I have discovered one of the most powerful healing and transformational tools I have ever encountered (after meditation).

It is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

It is deceptively simple to learn and apply, but the results are simply stunning. Emotional and physical healings occur in a manner that is fascinating ... unbelievable even.

EFT is based on a very different understanding of why negative emotions are caused in our lives. It's probably going to challenge some beliefs and assumptions that you have (just as it did for me), but the results are unmistakable. This stuff really works—I've tried it on myself and others in my monastery with results that are too good to believe.

I'll warn you though, EFT is perhaps one of the strangest/funniest looking procedures you'll ever see.

When first encountered, it seems ridiculous—until you try it and see for yourself how beautifully it resolves the most complex of psychological/emotional and even physical problems.

I'm amazed at how I got this gift—and it is really such a gift!—here in a remote monastery in Sri Lanka.

A senior monk returned from abroad and brought back EFT teachings. I'm truly grateful to him for sharing them with me and giving me a chance to learn this teaching. One way to show that gratitude is perhaps to spread the word about EFT.

This is very likely a tool I'll be using for the rest of my life. In all my years of learning various meditation techniques, studying healing systems, self-development methods, plus the wide array of methodologies I've been exposed to during my training in psychology and human resources management, I've never come across anything as potent as EFT for rapidly diffusing complex emotional problems and associated physical issues.

In fact, for dealing with specific emotional issues (e.g., phobias, addictions, grief, etc.), it's probably a more appropriate tool than meditation.

You can learn EFT just from The EFT Manual or the EFTUniverse website. 

These teachings are easy and even fun to apply. I feel it's going to help many of you in lots of ways. That's why I'm writing this.

It's somewhat unusual for a Buddhist monk to be recommending a transformational tool that wasn't explicitly taught by the Buddha. I venture to do so only because I've found that EFT has the potential to significantly reduce psychological and physical suffering.

It does not promise Nirvana or Enlightenment (at least I don't think so!). It does promise freedom from debilitating negative tendencies ... and delivers fast! And to that extent perhaps it is congruent with the Buddha's teachings that aim at the complete ending of all suffering.

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