After a Love Affair With Her Couch: A Marathon Runner

Dear EFT Community,

After tapping for self-esteem, procrastination, and other issues, Cathie is quite surprised to find herself running marathons.

-Dawson Church

By Cathie van Rooyen

I have been practising EFT for many years and have discovered an unusual side effect. It turned me into a marathon runner. Now, I have never consciously tapped on turning myself into an athlete, because I had a love affair with my couch. I had no interest whatsoever in running around my neighbourhood block never mind from city to city. Three years later while running a 50km road race, it struck me that it might just be a side effect of using EFT. I have tapped on self esteem issues, self confidence issues, procrastination, and other emotional issues, but not once did I tap on 'I want to be a runner'.

I have now run distances which make my mind boggle, and last year I attempted our ultra road race of 88 kilometers (55 miles). This year I am going to do it again. I have tapped on various issues which I now experience as a runner, while faced with distance and heat and blisters. But overall, I have found myself at the starting line time and time again, with no nervousness, no self doubt, only excitement. The challenge doesn't scare me, and I have given up the internal dialogue of 'who do you think you are, trying to run this?'

While running, I have tapped on my fingers on things like...
heavy legs
its so far
tight chest
blisters on my toes
I am not an athlete
I never finish anything
I am not fast enough
I am too overweight
I am too old
I am not a runner

All of these issues no longer bother me. I am excited by the prospect of seeing my world on foot. I enjoy the sights and sounds of all the different types of runners on the road. I am enjoying the challenge of willing my body to the finish line. I have new pride in my body, huge respect for my legs, my feet, my body. All of this I attribute to EFT.

I now warn my clients, who look rather alarmed when I joke with them about this particular side effect!

Cathie van Rooyen
South Africa


0 #1 Mircea Dan Paul 2013-10-01 11:23
Hi there,

I am thrilled about your story as it parallels mine a bit.
I discovered EFT at the time i was diagnosed with asthma in 2001.
I had like you a love affair with the couch and with the self dialogue and i witnessed the body deteriorating in my 40s.
I will turn 50 in one week, and what I wanted to say is that EFT helped me to hype myself into wanting to ride my bike.
As a young boy I used to ride the bike and I had a great time riding it.
I used that as a reminder to where I wanted to go, to feel the same feelings I felt as a boy riding my dad's bike.
I also hyped myself days in advance to want to go on a particular ride, rain or shine!
For me it only worked if I could visualize the feelings I had as a boy and to prepare myself to want to go on that ride.
Along the way, I had to tap on my resistance to doing all this, to the mental objections and opposition that rose as a result of me wanting something useful for me.
I am riding the bike to work a few times a week as weather permits it.
Sometimes I take the bike on the bike rack attached to the trunk of my car half the way to work and bike only half of the run which totals 14km (9miles).
I am comfortable with breathing, which took a few months to normalize, and I took the puffer with me for all this time.

Mircea Dan Paul
Richmond Hill, Canada

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