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The Power of Surrender

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Bowling and driver's test anxiety helped with EFT

Dear EFT Community,

Val Piacitelli shares two EFT experiences with her sons and teaching them to tap when they are anxious about performance.  One with her youngest and bowling, the other, with her oldest and taking a driver's test.

-Will M

By Val Piacitelli, LMT

I have two wonderful EFT experiences that I had with both of my sons. The first is with my eight-year-old, Benjamin, this past summer.

While at a bowling alley, Ben was becoming very discouraged with his scores and was about to give up. I gently took him aside and asked him if he wanted to knock down all the pins in one shot.

"Of course!," he said. With that, I took him to rub his tender spot and recite,

"Even though I am just learning to bowl, I fully and completely accept myself." 

Even I was amazed when Ben's six pound ball knocked over all ten pins immediately after his statements were said. He jumped for joy and gave me a memorable hug that nearly knocked me over too!

Second, was with my older son, Willie. After seventeen years of watching Will grow, I know him pretty well. The day I took him for his road test for his driver's license, he seemed edgy and anxious. He admitted that he was fearful of failing and I asked if he was willing to try something different to help ease his tension.

With his permission, I taught him to tap and use the statement,

"Even though I am nervous about my test, I fully and totally accept myself."

My oftentimes skeptical son, sat tapping and repeating the statement while he waited for the examiner to approach our car. I reminded him to tap away in his mind while driving and the examiner took Will and the car on the road.

When they returned, the examiner told me that my son was a perfect driver (he did not miss any of the road challenges) and that he seemed very at ease in the driver's seat.

When I asked him, "Did you tap in your mind?"

He replied, "It works, I did it and now I am licensed."

Maybe I should not have been so quick to teach him to EFT tapping -- now the car insurance bill is due!

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