EFT for Learning Aikido

Dear EFT Community,

Here Alvaro Munoz taps on his anxiety and negative self-talk around learning a new martial arts skill, and surprises himself by his reponse.

-Dawson Church

By Alvaro Munoz

I want to share my experience with EFT and Aikido.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art consisting of leading an attacker’s energy and returning it to him/her. Although I am a Karate black belt and have some experience in martial arts, I must confess that Aikido is a world apart. Every technique I used to learn Karate failed when learning Aikido... I practiced and practiced and practiced for years but my performance got to a certain level and suddenly started to slow down as well as my enthusiasm... I felt disappointed, tired, frustrated, and soon found myself anxious... I also considered surrendering, but knowing it would only make me feel guilty, decided to keep practicing. However, I was attending  the dojo more as a habit than looking for growth.... Soon I found myself making excuses to avoid the practice... until I tried EFT.

First of all I checked all the limiting beliefs around my practicing Aikido, and tapped around them:

Even though Aikido is so hard to learn...

Even though I can’t relax during the practice...
Even though I have no much time to practice...

And then I tapped around my feelings when practicing:

Even though I feel so anxious to do it well...
Even though I want my hakama (kind of black belt degree)...
Even though I want to understand this discipline
Even though I feel so stressed when my sensei (teacher) approaches...
Even though newer mates are doing better than me....
Even though I try and I try and I try....
Even though my shoulders are so stressed during the practice...
Even though I don’t understand Aikido
Even though I am competing with myself
Even though I am putting so much pressure on my self...
Even though I am not enjoying this...

Finally I realized that the emotion that kept me from improving was my anxiety, so I tapped again with the following:

Even though I am so anxious about being a master...
Even though I want to be a master now!...
Even though I want to make everything right from the first time...
Even though I want to be fast...
.... I have the power to remain relaxed, center, and calm.
.... I am always in my territory (myself).

I did this recently for about an hour. I tapped on everything coming to my mind about Aikido and anxiety. Today, before my practice, I did four or five more rounds, just in case... and guess what?

My practice the next day was so cool! I was completely relaxed, my shoulders didn't disturb my posture, my arms were moving free, even when I saw my sensei coming I didn't felt that weird sense of being observed and qualified, rather I performed with the intention that she corrected me, felt confident and totally enjoyed the practice.

PS. I also noticed that after the anxiety-tapping session, my body felt much more relaxed when driving.

I will keep tapping on everything that arises and before every practice. 

May peace be with you,

Alvaro Muñoz
Bogota, Colombia

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