EFT Sports Specialist Featured in Golfweek Magazine

Dear EFT Community,

Through diligence and her considerable EFT skills, Stacey Vornbrock has made a real name for herself in the sports performance world. Details are in her letter (including the link to the full Golfweek magazine article).


By Stacey Vornbrock

Written by Jim Achenbach, an award-winning and internationally known golf columnist, an article in Golfweek talks about EFT. This is a big win for EFT as Golfweek is a serious publication read by tour and teaching pros as well as pros at the college level.

Mr. Achenbach did a terrific job of reporting and quoted former pro football player Seth Joyner and current professional golfer Barry Conser. Both men are enthusiastic clients. He also mentions former major league baseball player, Dave Hilton, who I am partnering with on a performance enhancement program for professional baseball players.

The article begins: "Here in the desert, where the only thing rising faster than the golf scores of pale-skinned tourists is the price of housing, a quiet revolution in golf psychology is gaining momentum..."

Read the whole article here. It is a pdf file and is 1.2MB in size. For slow connections, it make a few minutes to download.


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