Singing teacher sings EFT's praises

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Andrea Fultz says,, "As a full time singing teacher I am astounded about the results I get by combining voice exercises with EFT. It works great!" In this article she gives a detailed example of how she used EFT with an unusual voice problem.

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By Andrea Fultz

I am so happy to have found this wonderful tool EFT to help my singing students move on faster in their vocal development! As a full time singing teacher I am astounded about the results I get by combining voice exercises with EFT. It works great! Here’s an article about one of my voice students Sarah. I was able to work with her very effectively on her singing and speaking voice using a mix of vocal exercises and EFT to address and resolve the deep emotional issues that had been affecting her voice.

Thank you so much,

Andrea Fultz


Sarah came into my voice studio with an unnaturally monotone and low voice. When she phoned me to set up our first appointment I was convinced that she was a man, but when she told me that she was a woman I was quite surprised. She wanted me to help her raise her speaking pitch and work on her singing range (she is a trained contra alto) since she had lost her upper singing range completely. Sarah said that she had tried many kinds of therapies and healing methods before and nothing had really helped her.

On our first appointment I asked her how long she had this low voice issue. She said that it started about 4 years ago after she was involved in a family situation that had intimidated her so much, that she felt she had to restrict herself and be very “low-key” to fit in. (How literal our body often reacts!)

While telling me about it she started crying and anger came up. I asked her about the intensity level concerning the anger. On a scale of 0 to 10 she was at a level of intensity of 9. We applied EFT immediately using the following sentences:

Even though I am so angry that I felt I needed to be low-key to be accepted”

Even though I am so angry that I felt so restricted”

Even though I felt I wasn’t allowed to be myself and show my full range, and that makes me so angry, I know that I am lovable the way I am”

Her anger dropped from a 9 to a 4 out of 10. We continued tapping for her anger until it came down to a zero. At that point her speaking voice had already shifted, it sounded significantly higher and more relaxed. What came up for her now was sadness about restricting herself –" which was at a 6 on a scale of 0 to 10 - and so we started tapping for her sadness. Since it was only at a 6, I decided to apply a version of the choices method.

Even though I am so sad that I restricted myself and my voice in order to be accepted, I want to forgive myself and anyone who might have contributed to this restriction.

Even though I feel so sad that I was hiding a huge part of myself to be loved and it still shows in my voice, I want to forgive myself and anyone who might have contributed to this hiding”

Even though I am so sad that I didn’t trust that they would accept me if I show the full range of who I am, I now choose to let go of this hiding.

In the first tapping round we went for the negative reminder phrases: This sadness ... I was hiding ” I went low-key and it still shows in my voice ” this sadness ” I didn’t dare to show myself ” this sadness ” I was hiding ” it makes me sad.

In the second round we included the thought of wanting to release the sadness: this sadness ... I want to release this sadness ... I want to let go of this sadness ... I need to stop hiding ... this sadness ... I choose to let go of it.

In the third round we went for the positive choice in the reminder phrase: I want to allow myself to stop hiding ... I want to show my full range ... I don’t want to be low-key anymore ... I want to allow myself to express myself authentically ... I want to trust that I am lovable without restricting myself ... I choose to let go of this hiding ... I choose to express myself in my full range of emotions ... I choose to show myself openly through my voice”

After these 3 rounds Sarah’s face had brightened and so had her voice. Her average speaking pitch was about a third higher than before tapping, the intonation in her speaking voice had completely changed to a much more natural up and down. Her voice was still lower than that of the average person (besides, she’s a contra alto!), but it had changed considerably within this short amount of time of this first session. We both were positively surprised about this quick change!

Now we were eager to check her singing range. I gave her several exercises that covered about 2 octaves of her voice. She sang through her registers with some effort and especially in the higher part of her range she used a lot of muscles and therefore sounded restricted and breathy. However, she reported that this was much easier to do than ever in the last 4 years after the incident and that she felt much more relaxed when singing now. I decided to use EFT to help her release this muscle effort and excess blowing of air. So we tapped.

Even though I am blowing too much air with a lot of effort when singing, especially in my higher range, I deeply accept myself and my body the way it is.

Even though I feel I need so much effort to get my voice to come out and be heard”

Even though I feel I need this effort to express myself when I sing and I still sound breathy, especially in the higher part of my range”

We went back to the vocal exercises and she was able to sing with far less effort and therefore less breathy and with a fuller sound. Again we were stunned about this quick development! It was now time to move on to more demanding voice exercises –" which she was able to execute in a far more relaxed way.

EFT quickened getting results that otherwise might have taken weeks or months. It turned out to be a great mixture of techniques. As homework I gave her specific voice exercises and suggested to try EFT on anything voice related that might come up while practicing.

Sarah has come back 4 times by now and each time we addressed emotional issues with EFT that are related to her singing (i.e. feeling intimidated to sing in front of others, forgiving herself for not sounding the way she would like to, allowing herself to shine on stage, addressing specific muscle groups to relax her larynx and throat). Each time she was able to handle more and more advanced singing exercises.

In my opinion, using EFT helped her execute the voice exercises I gave her significantly better and faster than it would have been possible by only strictly sticking to technical voice training. Besides that, she has gained important insights about herself and has become much more confident as a person. Her speaking voice is continuing to become more relaxed and flexible and she now feels motivated to start a singing career again.

Andrea Fultz

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