EFTUniverse Trainer Workshop Resources

This page is an overview of the "How To" for our EFTUniverse Trainer Team. As new polices or procedures develop we will be updating this resource as a central place for all trainers to reference.

You will find details on:

  • Add/Edit Workshops on EFTU Calendar
    • Workshop Registration for Energy Psychology Certification participants
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Workshop Handouts
  • CE/CME Procedures
    • CE/CME Paperwork
    • CE/CME Fees
    • Workshop Spreadsheets
  • Workshop Forms and Payments
  • Book Orders
  • EFTU Training Team Policies
    • EFTU Trainer Agreement Requirements
    • Curriculum
    • Profiles on EFTUniverse.com
    • Mentoring
  • Trainer Marketing
  • Clinical EFT Workshop Policies
    • Cancellation Policy (Recommended)
    • Workshop Liability Policies

You will find a direct link to these resources and directions via the EFT Universe Trainer Facebook Group.