EFT for Procrastination on Writing and Stress about WeightEFT for Procrast

By Sherry Rueger Banaka, Certified EFT Practitioner

In prior sessions, Jacob (not his real name) had wanted help overcoming his procrastination on writing his screenplay. We had set goals, and he had made some progress, but not as much as he had planned. Jacob reported that, earlier in the morning, he had been feeling pressure in his chest. He wasn’t sure if it was worry or maybe stress because he had also gained weight over the holidays, which felt uncomfortable. He felt fat and, in this session, wanted to work on that and on his scriptwriting.

We began with a Basic Recipe (BR) round: “Even though I feel this pressure in my chest, and I feel fat, and I didn’t write as much as I had planned, I accept myself anyway,” with each of these aspects as Reminder Phrases. The pressure increased from SUD 2 to 3 and now stretched up into Jacob’s Adam’s apple and down into his solar plexus. After another BR round on these new aspects, the pressure SUD dropped back to 2. Jacob said it was now mostly in his solar plexus, with a small, steel rod sticking out at the bottom. After a third BR round on these aspects, the SUD was 1 and the rod was gone.

I asked Jacob if the pressure could speak, what it would say. He responded, “It’s saying, “Why don’t you write?’”

At this point, I suggested a round of Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) because it had been helpful for Jacob in the past. We performed the 8 steps of TAT on the pressure, on feeling fat, and on not writing as much as Jacob wanted to. After this round, he reported that the pressure had shifted down into his stomach, was now SUD 2, and was saying, ”You should be more strong and willing to do the work of writing. It’s important to write your script.”

Because Jacob apparently was in touch with his inner guidance, I suggested we try an Invisible Counselors meditation (a visualization technique). Beginning with EcoMeditation, I guided Jacob into his safe place where his Invisible Counselor joined him and gave him more guidance. After the meditation, Jacob relayed the following:

“I saw a white light and the main character of my screenplay was walking toward me. Then it was a being that took the skin of that character off and was holding it like a costume, and then flesh and blood in its arms. Then it became just a white light and said, “You need to tell her story. Write out her life story, up to the point of the film. If you need any help, just hold her hand, and she will tell you.”

Jacob then said, “It felt like when a dream feels real. It felt real. I could see her, and I could feel her hand. She is the character I’m writing the film about. She became really real to me.”

Jacob’s remaining SUD levels were now 0, and he said, “I even feel okay about my muffin top. That was a good call.”

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