Being Specific for Menopausal Hot Flashes and Chills

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The hot flashes, night sweats, and chills associated with menopause can range from mildly annoying to severely disruptive of sleep and other aspects of life, depending on the individual. Nancy O'Hanna used EFT to help her handle all the permutations of these menopausal symptoms. She discovered that she could control them completely with EFT.  In a follow-up seven months after this article, she says she has had no hot flashes, night sweats, or chills in that time.

-Stephanie M

By Nancy O'Hanna

I am in the midst of menopause and with it comes the frustration in making the decision on how will I handle these annoying "hot flashes" (without hormone replacement therapy, if possible).

So I started tapping intuitively, beginning my journey globally by saying:

"Even though I suffer from these menopausal symptoms, they are a part of the natural aging process, and I accept them because I truly and completely love and accept myself."

Eventually, I added the following to the end of this statement:

"and I want these symptoms to stop now."

I then moved to more specifics:

"Even though I have these ____ (i.e. horrible, annoying, exhausting, tiring, embarrassing, etc.) hot flashes, I truly and completely love and accept myself and I want them to STOP now."

"Even though I am still having some_____ hot flashes, I understand this is normal, and I want them to STOP now, because I truly love and accept myself."

Unfortunately, I did not keep track of my intensity levels as my symptoms changed. However, I knew I was getting relief as the hot flashes were diminishing in length and they were becoming less and less frequent. They still were a part of my daily life, but not quite as annoying—at least not on a conscious level.

I continued tapping and added "remaining" and "residual" to my reminder phrases. All of a sudden I was aware that I did the infamous switch to another aspect. It changed to "night sweats." So I started focusing my phrases specifically addressing the "night sweats":

"Even though I am suffering from these____ (i.e. horrible, annoying, exhausting, tiring, embarrassing, etc.) night sweats, I truly and completely love and accept them because this is a normal phase of life and I love and accept myself, I just want them to STOP now."

Eventually, I began to get relief from the night sweats too, but I was still not able to reach complete success.

Gee, finding core issues sure can be a bit of a challenge!

Anyway, the wonderful news I want to share with you is about an article from Dr. Mercola's eHealthy newsletter at, titled "Understanding adrenal function." In this article there is a list of "common causes of adrenal stress" and a list of "associated symptom and consequences of impaired adrenals."

So I decided to do one quick round of tapping on each of the items listed. For example, I would just tap the EFT points and say "anger" at each point. Then I would do the same thing for "fear," and so on.

It is with sheer delight that I can say that the night sweats diminished substantially the first night after that one session of tapping, and were almost completely gone the second day and second session of tapping on that list. I would say my 0-10 intensity levels are now about 0-1 for both "hot flashes" and "night sweats." Truly remarkable.

An interesting caveat here is that while my hot flashes and night sweats were clearly under control, I was then starting to deal with chills. At first I thought I was getting the flu or some illness, and then I had to laugh, because I realized while I was being very specific about the hot portion of my issues—"HOT flashes." I neglected the rest of the culprit, which is that all of my hot flashes were followed up with a round of the chills. So while I adequately addressed the hot part, I failed to recognize or be specific about the cold or chills part.

It has now been two months since I first addressed this problem and I am basically without hot flashes or chills. If I do get a flare-up, I simply do a round or two of EFT and they are history.

I truly appreciate the importance of being specific, and finally found some real relief!

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