EFT Tapping for Anxiety about a Breast Mass EFT Manual 4th edition

By Andre Silva

I discovered EFT by accident nine months ago, and since then I've had so many successes with it (some failures too, of course) that I've become even more curious and ordered all the DVDs. Although I'm a layman and not a professional healer, I really want to learn and develop this technique as much as I can and would like to share with you my first "in-depth EFT session" I had some months ago. Here goes the story.

One day I was talking on the Internet with a friend of mine (I'll call her Mariana, she's 36 years old) and she confessed to me that she was very worried about a medical breast exam done at a clinic that had shown a strange mass. One year ago a mammogram had shown two small benign cysts on the other breast, but this time it was something bigger.

So when she told me how upset she was about this result, and the anxiety she felt about the urge to show the exam to her doctor as quickly as possible, I started telling her about this technique I was learning that could relax the mind and body. I told her how it had brought me many good results in some annoying problems of mine, and how my wife no longer needs any drugs for her menstrual cramps.

Although she's very skeptical about this kind of thing, she's even more curious, so I sent her a copy of The EFT Manual, which she read only parts of it (I think she read only the Basic Recipe instructions), but when trying it on herself, she just would at laugh how silly she felt. I then invited her to come to my home so she could learn how to do it right and also to work a little bit on her issue.

When she arrived, I asked Mariana what she was feeling at the moment, and she told me it was a big anxiety about this mass. I asked if she was usually anxious, and she said that she's the kind of person that has to do all her tasks right away, she just can't wait; anxiety is a common presence in her life. So we tapped first on the general feelings, using the Full Basic Recipe:

Even though I have this anxiety about this mass...

Even though I have the urge to do everything and can't wait...

The very first moment I tapped on her side of the hand point, she reported feeling numbness in her fingers, as well as a soothing sensation on her upper back and shoulders, like someone rubbing a fresh balm on that place. That moment it occurred to me that maybe the tapping was lifting some kind of weight from her shoulders. I asked, "Do you feel that you carry any kind of weight or problems on your shoulders?" She said, "Yes, I have to hear all the problems of everyone around me, I have to be supportive to everybody, but I won't tell my problems to the others. I feel that only I should be responsible for them and I must be strong. The others shouldn't have to carry the burden that's mine."

We tapped for having to carry everybody's problems. Then I proceeded with the questioning asking, "When did you in the past have to assume responsibility and show yourself strong?" She answered, "When my father died of heart attack, when I was still a little girl."

We tapped on this issue and all related aspects that came up:

Even though I have this pain for my father's death...

Even though I was angry at my father before he died...

Even though I feel guilty and responsible for his death...

Even though I couldn't say goodbye...

Even though from that moment I had to become more responsible...

During all this session and after each round she sighed more deeply than I've never seen, like someone who was holding the breath and then had to exhale all the air. Then I asked her to vividly review all the moments in her mind of this event, so that she could tell me if anything upsetting showed up. We tapped and when everything was clear, I knew we needed to proceed to other issues since, as her friend, I knew some of her past problems.

Anyway I decided to ask her the famous question "If you had to skip someone or some event of your life, what would that be?" She told me that would be her divorce, as I guessed. We tapped for the negative emotions around this like sadness, hurt and hate for being betrayed and despised. But her most intense aspect was the rage with herself and feeling so stupid and dumb when she gave him a second chance, just to be betrayed again. So, tap tap tap, some more rounds.

Even though I feel so stupid for giving him a second chance, I just did what seemed right and better at that time for my son and...

Even though I can't forgive myself for being so naive, I accept myself just like I am.

After that I tested her with the following question, "Can you explain to me how could you be soooo stupid, giving this guy a second chance?" She burst in a laugh. Great, I thought to myself, we've made some good progress here.

So I turned back to the original problem of the mass in her breast, and asked for her thoughts about that. She said that the she had some stupid thoughts of death, suffering with the pain of chemotherapy, afraid of being bald and having to wear a handkerchief on her head, not knowing what would happen to her 12-year-old son, afraid of leaving him alone since he didn't like to be with the father. So we went for some more rounds until all these emotions were at a 0:

Even though I'm afraid of being bald...

Even though I can't stand the idea of wearing a handkerchief on my head...

Even though I'm afraid of the pain I might have...

Even though I'm afraid of leaving my son alone...

That moment I remembered something I read in Louise Hay's book about breast lumps. It mentioned things link over-mothering, overprotection. She agreed she's a mother hen. She's much attached to her son and can't let him go out with his friends without calling him every hour. So this phrase came up to my mind:

Even though I still have this need to breastfeed my son...

This made her look at me with a disapproving expression. I explained her it was a metaphor. Now she had the obligation to feed and raise her son all by herself, just like when she was breastfeeding him as a baby, when he was mother-only dependent. She agreed and tapped for it.

After almost three hours of EFT we had done enough for one night, and asked about those initial sensations in the fingers and the back. She said that the numbness in the fingers was gone, but every time I tapped on her, she would feel that pleasant and soothing sensation in the upper back. She also said she felt wonderful and in a very good mood, not worried at all, but she thought that this could be because of some kind of suggestion. Oh well, yet another example of how some people explain away EFT's results.

As homework I told her to tap daily for her anxieties about the lump, for having to do everything as soon as possible and for her protective obsession about her son. I also told her to use the choices method for her cysts and lump saying something like this: "Even though I have these cysts in my breasts, I choose to have healthy and normal breasts in medical exams."

Next morning she sent me this message: "Good morning. Look, I don't know if this is suggestion, but I feel super well. I feel like I could have the worst problem in the world, and yet I wouldn't care. I loved this technique, and today I'll keep doing it. Thank you, you're an angel and you got yourself a 'client.'"

A week later she went to her doctor to show the exam and he ordered a biopsy. Mariana preferred it to be done at a trustworthy specialized oncology institute instead of a regular hospital, although she had to wait two to three months, which didn't bother her at all.

At this time she surrendered almost completely to the effectiveness of EFT when she couldn't recognize herself for being so calm and confident all the time when she was at the doctor's office.

Whenever we met and talked, she just kept saying she didn't feel any preoccupation at all, and was very optimistic about a positive outcome of the biopsy. Her obsession to hurry things had diminished, and also her son could now go out with his friends and even sleep at their home, without her calling him. Another interesting thing she noticed was that when she had to speak with her ex-husband on the phone, she now wouldn't feel bothered or tense at all. It was like a regular conversation with someone else.

On the biopsy day she was calm as usual, but there was something that shook her a little bit. When she asked if everything was alright, the doctor said it didn't look good, but only the lab exam could give the definite answer in one month. This mass was still there with the same size, as well as the other cysts, despite the attempts to reduce them with the daily tapping she was doing. Although I was a bit disappointed, I knew that as a newcomer I still have much to learn and directly addressing the physical issues does not always produce the desired results. When she told me about that, we tapped on:

Even though the doctor said this doesn't look good...

Until there was no emotion left about it. After this I only heard her saying she was 100% sure this was a benign thing, and didn't need to worry about it.

One month later, her brothers and parents wanted to go with her to see the result, afraid of the worst outcome, but she refused the company because she was so calm and confident, and didn't want to turn the doctor's place into a fair. The result came: it was a fibroadenoma, which is a benign tumor and nothing to worry about.

Although today it's still there, and probably won't need any kind of surgical removal, she felt during all this time a major shift in her life, less anxious and attached to her son, which for her is far more important than the size of the lump and cysts. She now hardly remembers them.

One interesting thing that happened later was that one day I decided to try to reduce her intense craving for chocolate at the moment. She tapped until it was at a 0 but later, instead of her craving returning to the normal intensity, it remained low. Before that she would eat half of a chocolate bar every two or three days, and now she only eats one chocolate square almost every day. I think that probably this craving remained with low intensity because we've addressed many of her anxieties in our previous EFT tappings.

Today Mariana is a total believer of EFT, telling other people about it, and using it for her other issues.

Thank God, you realized the importance of giving this blessing to the world, and thank you for all your efforts so that everybody can learn to use EFT easily and with great accuracy.

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